I own tons of land but I am sad because my relative owns a bit more than me 

dsc_0632Being a Punjabi, I have often seen people measuring their richness on the basis of how much land they own. The more it is, the better yet not satisfied because they will burn their blood day in and day out, just to add on some more to their basket. So, that they can sit in their big lush green grass covered lawn and can compare to almost every relative and neighbors that they have managed to know in their lifespan.  And, if they lag behind by an ounce or two they feel petty for themselves and the next generations to come. The thing which amazes me the most is that they are not satisfied, they want more and more. 

Another sad story about owning the estate is the family disputes attached to these states.  I have met very less  so called rich families who have healthy relations with their siblings. And, if there are two or more  brothers in the family the things would be worsened because they will be ready to defeat each other just for the sake of the ancestral property. When I remember about it, I feel so sad thinking about it.  It’s like the parents spent all their savings on buying a land or two just for the sake of the next generation and then they are not able to divide the property among their kids, and it leads to a lifetime war in the family. The family, which grew up together no more wants to see each other’s face, once they prayed for the best for each other and now they pray for the worst. The ones who played cricket together and just fought for the scores and are now  fighting in the courts of law. Once they stood United and now they stand against each other as strong enemies.

Now, I have started hating this very concept of property and I would never ever have something like this for myself, except a home so that I don’t die paying rent for living in my dream house. Rather, I will own things like travel memories, camera, lens, tripod, selfie stick, backpack,  membership of a club, a blog and some good make up kits. I will own such properties which will make me happy not the next generation because life is all about being happy.

Whenever I will have money, I will save some as cash and everything else would be invested into traveling because memories are I think the best property which one can earn in their lifetime.

“Let’s dream about being happy doing things or owning things which make us feel contented. Having a land is a burden, let’s lay off doing this.”


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  1. Somewhere I read people who spend on experiences are happier. Great write up.


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