Achhe Din Ayenge, you ought to wait

dsc_0648Sunday mornings are the best, the heaps of sleep that the weekend granted you make you feel so complete. I was enjoying eating omelette when my mother suggested me to watch ‘Man Ki Bat’ though, couldn’t hear the whole of it, but whatever I heard was like my dad was suggesting me ways that I could help my country in my own little ways.

I have met tons of people who hate Narendra Modi, my own best friend hates him. Well! I don’t hate this man at all because he promised that, “Achhe Din Ayenge” and the good days are coming. We need to understand that Mr. Manmohan Singh our Ex- Prime Minister created a void for as long as ten years. It’s like you ate a good amount of junk food for ten years and then one day suddenly you met a trainer saying that he will help you say goodbye to all the fat that exists on your body, you believed in that guy and joined his gym, but then after six months you started dancing that the fat is not going, it’s but obvious that change takes place after some time, it is gradually not immediate and for a country which has a population of billions, things are a bit slower.

People, we are known in the world as a country now. Yes, he is travelling to almost every corner of the world; you need to do so to ensure consistent and good relations with almost every country of the world. And, do you know Dr. Pratibha Patil also travelled the length and breadth of this world that too with her family on the expenses of the Indian public, did we question her? No, we didn’t. We question our very dear Mr. Narendra Modi because everyone has assumed one thing that whatever goes wrong in India is because of him. How Immature? Petty.

Another thing which I get to hear day in and day out is about ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ most of the people don’t follow it and in the beginning I followed the people instead of my favorite person, Narendra Modi. But, gradually my mom made sure that I follow this Abhiyan and don’t throw things here and there. Have you ever thought that if you could pledge to keep your country clean, the government take a step ahead when it comes to cleanliness? But, it is not able to because the dustbins which are put for public usage and picked up by people for their own personal use. Sigh!

“And, our countrymen still hate the man because someone took a step to bring a change and since he is forcing us to change, that’s why we hate him because we want a change in which we don’t have to move our butts.”





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