Depression doesn’t mean that a person is mad

dsc_0670My mother loves to discuss various cases which are related to law with me because I am a student of law. One major reason is that she wants to take a dip in the bucket of law and get to know about what the law says and the other is she wants to take her daughters expertise advice for she thinks that I am the best lawyer on the face of this earth. Alas!

One fine day, she told me about a woman who wanted to take divorce from her husband because she found that he is taking pills. No, not birth control pills, but pills which help him fight with depression. The women discussed this with her mother who in turn suggested her that they should file a divorce immediately since he is a madman and can even kill her because the guy is suffering from depression. Oh! And the best part of the story is that the women is a doctor, She managed to take divorce from  what she called ‘mad husband’ and was too proud of it as she thought taht she nearly escaped death.

In India, people think that depression means that a person is lunatic or mad. The truth is that mental illness is curable if treated properly and that is what we need to understand. People should stand with their loved ones when they undergoing any mental disease. In India, people think that depression means that the person has gone mad and would start behaving like a madman in Bollywood movies. Well! Things are not like that if you stand with your kids or with the person who has got depressed.

Every person at least ones in a lifetime faces this problem of depression but is able to get normal if everyone around the person helps him or her. Get this into your heads guys!




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