Life is what you make it- Book Review

dsc_0672A book authored by Preeti Shenoy, it is a book about a young girl named Ankita, who belongs to a small town in Kerala. The author has tried to bring out the problems which the girls in Indian Society face when they have a conservative family. She has basically tried to focus on the concepts where parenting goes wrong specifically when the parents deal with their daughters.

Conservative about girls- No guy friends allowed.

The author has tried to focus on the culture followed by a typical Indian family towards their daughters. The only thing the family is concerned about is their reputation. The girl is not allowed to bring or even talk about her guy friends because if somewhat will see it will ruin the reputation of the family. Though she was allowed to exchange letters with her guy friends because it was something which no one will get to know so the reputation of the family was not at stake.

Not letting the young girl move out of the town

Another major thing which the author talks about is not sending the girls away from the town, even if they are getting admission in a much better institute than the one in the town. She had to end up taking admission in St Agnis which is one of the most reputed girls college in the town. She manages to have a good friend circle and actively participates in student politics.

Full date and a half date- Boyfriends!

The girl already had a boyfriend who had moved to Delhi but she was in contact with him. In between all this, she half-ly fell for a boy who was from another college. Though she tells her half love about her full love, but the things keep taking their way. Finally, the girl had to change her city and she tells the boy that she doesn’t think that she would be able to maintain her contact with the guy. This decision was based on her prior experience that distance probably ends the relationship and you tend to find a new love. The guy commits suicide that very day.

Depression- It’s a mental disease, but it doesn’t mean that a person is mad or lunatic

Ankita moves to Bombay with her parents and joins one of the most reputed MBA College of the city. The girl does well in her semester exams and is exceptionally good in all the fields, but in the meantime she falls ill. The evening she falls sick is the day on which her parents get hold of all the love letters from her full love and half love. The parents and the doctors of the place think that she is in depression, but rather it was later found that she had a mental illness called bipolar. She was treated properly in a hospital and finally she decided to leave her course of MBA and go for content writing.

Should you read it?

Uhmm.. Though the plot is great, but it tends to get boring somewhere in the middle. But towards the end and in the beginning of the book, you don’t lose interest.

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