It’s easy for you to talk about war, but it’s difficult for the man who lives next to the border

The beautiful village of Kargil which is next to the border-Latoo.

‘WAR’ such a small word but whomsoever it touches can lead to unimaginable destruction. Everyone around me is talking about that India should have war with Pakistan. Even my own best friend got angry with me when I disagreed with him. Well! That’s Ok, we disagree on almost every thin and thick of our lives, that’s altogether a different matter. But, I get goose bumps when I hear people talking about war should take place. Man! You are sitting in your luxurious houses and you can afford to say this because if war takes place you will just hear news about bombardments, death tolls and which place no more exists. You won’t get to hear the sound of blasting, you won’t hear the sound of shots being fired, you won’t get to see a smoke filled sky and a soil full of blood. Every day, you won’t see your loved ones getting killed and that’s the only reason it’s easy for you to talk about war.

Have you ever visited a border area, the one from where Pakistan can be seen very easily? No, you haven’t because you were busy going to Dubai, Singapore and every other touristy country. Do you know? Kargil is such a beautiful valley and tons of people don’t visit this valley because they think that war never ended at this place, it has ended and I pray that it never ever begins. The people of this valley are angels and I hope that all the angels are protected and stay safe.

I have visited Kargil and a lot of villages which are just next to LOC. I have seen blasting, it shuddered my soul. I have heard shots being fired, it ripped me apart. I have heard those war stories, they left me dumb and deaf.

I can close my eyes and see every kid I met, every parent who was happy to see us. They all must be depressed today, not able to eat, sleep or think because they don’t know where fate would take them. They all must be having a lot of public meetings for their beautiful village is in danger, they must have cleaned their bunkers, they must have stored dried apricots not for the winters but for the dreadful war. They must have had million talks with their god to not let this happen.

After blasting scenes.

What happens when a war takes place? 

The children, elders and women are kept in a big bunker. The men of the family fight the war to help the Indian army. Yes, the villagers die along with the army men, there is no family in the village who hasn’t lost their man in the war. The children don’t go to school for years together loosing on everything in their lives. The noises of war and destruction become part of their life, they tend to be depressed for all of their lives. The village gets destroyed completely and sometimes if the area is divided during the war their village goes to the other side and they are left landless. There are families whose half of the family is left on the other side and they are left on another.

“You want war because you are selfish. Go visit the villages of Kargil, listen to their stories. You will ask for peace, not war!”

A Message

Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. The war would end everything this time. A message to the people of both countries since my site stats show that Pakistani’s equally visit my blog. In the end these politicians would be safe, they will send their families abroad but we will be left behind fighting the diseases which nuclear weapons would bring along them. It’s difficult for a common man to fight Dengue, Cancer and other diseases which exist today. Imagine we will have to face diseases which would include physical and mental permanent disabilities. Let’s be at peace instead!

The bunkers where the villagers take refuge at the time of war.


The border village from where you can easily see the Pakistani village.


When they pray for peace and just peace.






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  1. Rajinder Kaur says:

    you are right …it is very easy to talk sitting behind walls and even when you dont know what those people are going through ….we have to understand this that war will destroy everything ….live and let others live with peace and happiness ……..



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