Have reasons for being sad or angry, but not being happy


These days, I have started talking to and observing people around me because my trip to Leh taught me that by doing so one gets to learn a plenty of new things. Now, five months down the lane, I am of this opinion that different people have different moods and they tend to have one of their moods as their favorite, the one in which they stay the longest. Yes, some of the people do have a favorite mood too, besides having a favorite color, no I am not kidding, I am damn serious and have certain points which I have observed for all these months.

Now, one of this guy at my university is always in tension, he will have some or the other problem. No, not the serious ones, those trivial issues like I am not able to find so and so topic or I am not able to concentrate, I mean things which really don’t matter. I mean he has those problems which have an easy solution to it. If a person looks at him you will feel petty in the beginning for those stressful looks that he carries. So, there is this category of people who are utterly, bitterly, dipped in the soup of sadness.

Another type of horrifying people are the ones who are red faced, their head is always boiling, have you ever seen that cartoon the one from which hot air blows from all corners of their body. Yes, they are full of anguish, this type of people deliberately bang into people to fight with them. They will fight with everyone with their family, boss, everyone means everyone who had the displeasure of meeting such people. Sadly, they have a hot head just like a hot potato, touch them and you will feel the hot air in them. I feel sorry for such people for they hardly smile and end up being angry, irritated and dis-pleasured with life and themselves, all at the same time.

Another type is those who remain in their attitude, the ones who think they are always right or they are superior than the other. These are the type of people who don’t care whether their actions are hurting anyone or not.. Yes, they are the ones who will talk to the waiters in a high voice, in the most disrespectful ways because they think themselves to be at a higher position. They are defined by their bank balance and treat everyone according to theirs; the lesser in the other person’s account the lower are the chances that they will respect that person. The concept of humanity, equality and being respectful is completely vague to them.

The best types of people are the ones who smile even when they have tons of reasons for being sad. They will smile because they know that’s the best way to deal with problems.  They can laugh when everything in life is about to end or on the verge of breakdown. Yes, such idiots can smile even one week down their breakups.

What I am trying to say is that you should have reasons for being sad or angry because you will end up irritating yourself and the other person if you don’t have a reason, you won’t be able to be at peace with yourself, forget about being at peace with the world around you. Those who are always irritated, sad or angry, it has become their habit and if you ask them, most of the times, they won’t have any adequate reason for being in that particular mood. Simply, if you are happy for no good a reason, if you keep smiling, the positive vibes help you being at peace with yourself and everyone else.

And, yes, if you bear an attitude problem, turn down it downward, only your loved ones will handle it, others tend to leave and maybe you are alone one deserving day.

So, guys smile that too without any reason!

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