Banned notes, the new ones and the sleepless nights


After watching my favourite serial, I was about to sleep and before dozing off, I considered it necessary to check the news feed on facebook and there I read that 500 and 1000 rupees notes can no more be used as a legal tender as they are being banned from that very night, I thought it to be another rumour and scrolled down but things turned out to be true when I saw our PM on my big TV screen announcing it. My very first reaction was WTF and then before I collected every 500 and 1000 note from my purse, drawer, jeans and coats pocket, my second reaction was Dude, this man has something in him, he is a decision maker, something our country needed from ages, a decision maker. After making my personal collection, I was sure that I wasn’t rich enough in the days to come. Though I was proud of such a decision but my lazy ass was sad for I had to stand in those long queues for getting my notes exchanged. I sat down in my balcony from where one can easily see the market, the roads which were dipped in silence a moment ago where full of chaos the very next, people were buying things as if they were for free and they were astonished as if something was snatched from them, they were roaming around like a mad man does for he has no clue what to do with his life.

The political parties called it a public stunt whereas the big industrialists were cursing Modi for such a step for they had to open their big fat ‘Tijoris’ and big locker rooms to take out every note, sit down and think how to get them exchanged because they never wanted the income tax to come and pick them up for not paying taxes.  While every male member of the family was scratching their head on the other hand Indian women took out every penny which they had managed to hide from their husbands and the husbands were in awe that how their wives who were so poor in the morning to buy vegetables are having so much money now that they can buy a whole land of vegetables.

But next day, I was proud of him though I curse him even now but then when I think about the good, the people who have black money, they will suffer and they will be forced to pay the taxes because, in the end, black money exists just to run away from paying taxes or to indulge in some or the other illegal activity. And, our government needs taxes so that development can take place. I have met tons of people who say, you know in Canada or America or any other developed country for that matter, the roads are so clean, their roads are not bumpy, government provides people with so and so facility but my dear did you ask any citizen of that country that how much taxes do they pay? and if they throw anything on roads, how much fine they have to pay? No, because we are just concerned with the end result and not with what goes around to achieve those things. The problem with me and every other Indian is that we want a change in our country but I want that I should not be included in the process of the change because then I will also have to change it’s like I want my country to be the cleanest but I won’t stop throwing stuff on roads because I don’t want to change, other people should change but I forget that I am part of that people thing. I do this because I am selfish and lazy.

The other day when I was bussy stuffing cheese chilly on the streets of Chandigarh, I realized that there was a wave of shock, a wave of silence, fear as if everyone wants to shout  Why and What next? The long queue outside the banks and ATM’s was horrifying but it’s a change and change is always difficult. Yes, I accept that our government was not prepared in accordance with the population that exists in our country that is their mistake; they should have increased the production of currency notes by two folds so that things could be easy. Also, those who don’t belong to below poverty line section need to understand that we need to make sure that poor people understand this concept and also we tell them that till when and how they can get their notes exchanged, they are terrified because even their one note of five hundred is worth five lakhs to them. Moreover, don’t pay the poor in old currency; they are the people who are in fear because they are unaware of the process.

Well! The best part was that many people got early salaries for their bosses wanted to get rid of their black money. *wink wink*


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