A girl with a lot of guy friends- What people think about her?

dsc_0007-2From my childhood, I have had just one or two girlfriends while all others have been guys. When I was a skater, not many girls used to be there. I remember our hockey team was difficult to compile because of the paucity of women players. I grew up playing with boys. I was taught my game by men itself and my practice sessions just included playing with boys. Yes, if you open my Facebook friend list, you will find that most of them are guys. The only time, I managed to have eleven girl friends was when I was in an all-girls school, but their thoughts matched mine and our opinions were similar. So much so, that we led a protest at our school (let me tell you, protesting at a convent school is no less than putting your hand in Lion’s mouth. Well! We had put our hands in a Nun’s mouth.)

After my school, in my grad and law school, I managed to have tons and tons of guy friends. NOW, AM I A CHARACTERLESS WOMEN BECAUSE I HAVE GUY FRIENDS?

I had never heard this opinion unless, and until, I met some of the well-known lawyers of my country. I have started hating lawyers for the saviors of law themselves have such a corrupt thinking, instead of empowering women, day in and day out, they talk about how characterless a woman is because she chose the path taken more by men and less by women.

So, this fine or a rather  bad day, I was sitting in my University and reading my novel when I heard some old and young lawyers talking about a girl who in her group of friends was the only girl and all others were guys. And, they were of this very strong opinion that the girl has for sure slept with every single guy. I left everything and put my eyes, ears, head and everything to hear their so very dirty opinion. One thing is for sure after hearing them talk I no more associate the word gossips with only girls because guy gossips are no less, all the spices were added completely and carelessly to make the story worth hearing. And, they ended it up like so, How lucky the guys were and how foolish the girl was?

The things would have ended up there, but since I knew the girl whom they were talking about, I also knew how healthy the relationship was between her and all the guy friends she had. I couldn’t sleep that night because I was shattered for how the lawyers, the ones who fight for rights could have such an opinion. This was not the first time that I had heard something like this, even in in the chambers of the court where the rights of the society should have been propagated instead the character of her has always been discussed.

Just one thing-  Did they see, how dirty their mouths were when they talked like that and how dirty their hands were because even they had slept with innumerable girls? Sigh!

We all live in a society wherein guy and girls exist together. This doesn’t mean that if one gender is having friends from another gender then that person is characterless. Boys can also have many friends who are girls and girls can also have guy friends. As simple as that, What is it to do with his or her character?


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  1. Sikhing Sanity says:

    It has nothing to do with her character – this kind of stuff is so infuriating, but it happens even in Indian communities outside of India. I hope with time this judgement based on clothes, friends, lifestyle choices etc ends.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      It’s hope that keeps us on. Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion. ❤️👍✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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