Things to do in Amritsar- A foodies paradise!


Weekend getaways are my favorite, it’s like refilling your tank of energy back with excitement towards life. This time, I chose Amritsar and I have no regrets.  The holy place not only fills your soul with peace because you get to visit the golden temple, but also the place fills you up with happiness because of the food. I have never had such yummy and inexpensive food. Not only this, it was my birthday month too so I thought of visiting a place which is known for its food from sugar filled lassi to the dal with more of desi ghee and less of dal. Wow! I can have that food time and again. This was my best birthday because I celebrated it with food. It was like I am dating food and spent by whole birthday week hand in hand with it.  The things which I did at Amritsar & you should do them too are:-

1. Visit the Golden Temple

The holy temple of the Sikhs is also known as Darbar Sahib and is worth seeing. It is peaceful and calm, it’s like the fast running wheel in your head was to put to a halt. Yes, the place has the most positive vibes that I have ever felt. Besides, seeing the spot at night is heavenly because of the lightening effect that the place holds. Sitting adjacent to the pond and seeing the fishes play is another goody. Well! Don’t forget to eat the lungar.

2. Jaliawala Bagh

Whoever has read Indian History knows the importance of this place. The land has soaked in blood, the land has seen people die, the land has seen nationalism and to feel a bit pain which the people of India went through when General Dyer open fired on an assembly, Jaliawala Bagh should never be given a miss. The place has been converted into a garden wherein everything has been marked the place from where the firing took place, the well in which people jumped to save their lives but couldn’t and also it has museums which show how much bloodshed took place. As well, the bullet marks are there on the walls , which have been properly marked.  To awaken a bit of patriotism, this place needs to be visited.

3. Ramtirath

It is said that the writer (Valmiki) of the Hindu holy book Ramayana wrote the text while staying at this place. He had his Ashram here and also, Sita MA with her sons Love and Kush stayed at this place. The brown coloured stone has been used to built this place, the long corridors are worth walking down. The temple has water all round and also the fountains are an add- on.


1. Kesar Da Dhaba

Desi Ghee is the state oil of Punjab. Desi ghee is not just an oil instead it is an emotion and this emotion can be easily felt at Kesar Da Dabha. The place is famous for its paranthas and Dal. Do feel the emotion as it is a lifetime experience.

2. Kulcha Place

Amritsari Kulcha is world famous but there is a place in Amritsar which needs to be thanked for making it so famous. The place is at Basant Avenue, Purani Chungi, Maqbool Road . The thali has Channa, Emily onions and Kulcha.

3. Giani Tea Stall

I lovvveddddd the Omelette and the Kachoris served at this station. And, not to forget the chai (tea). The perfect breakfast blend.

4. Kanaiyah Sweets

Pooooriyan is every Indians heartthrob and this place makes you feel the flaps of your heart a bit more.

Best things about the people and the city

Desi ghee and butter is what they live for. Food makes them or keeps them happy. They are the best Indians, I have ever met on the face of this earth. The city is not known for its resorts or lavish hotels,  but it is known for its street food. These street hotels are full of people, but you will be amazed to see the speed with which they serve, you will just take your breath in after ordering the food and the very next moment you will have food in front of you. They don’t believe in putting their legs everywhere, they believe in expertise in the field of food and therefore, you will find that the Kulcha guy only serves kulcha and the Puri vala is too busy frying the puris that he has no interest in any other food type.


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