Never give up on life even when it’s full of pain

It was his last day in the city after his six months of stay in Chandigarh. It was hard to accept that my best friend would leave me all alone again. We were packing his bags and making sure he is not smashed with a hefty bill at the check-in counter for carrying extra luggage. In between all these sentiments, while we were weighing the bags, I picked the bag in some weird position and there I heard a crackling sound at the lower back of my body. I knew there and then that things won’t be same from that moment onwards and they weren’t the same. I came back home and layed down. I came to know that it was much serious than what I was thinking when I couldn’t get up and ones I got up, I couldn’t bear the pain of carrying my body. In my 21 years of age, I had never felt that much of pain, it was unbearable. It was like something has torn and it’s hanging, killing me apart every microsecond.

I was rushed to the doctor, the front seat was laid down straight adjoining the back seat so that I could bear the pain. The physiotherapist told that things were serious, I was made to do various exercises and then also, I could feel the pain. But the exercises gave me the ability to walk with a pain which was bearable.

It was difficult for my brother to leave me in pain and catch his flight, but sometimes even though your priority is the relationship and the person but life makes you choose the life itself. I remember the expression of pain he had when he saw me in pain. I was sorry and he was also sorry.

The doctor was of the opinion that I should be on complete bed rest. Therefore, I couldn’t go to Delhi airport to see off my brother. Also, it meant just going to the college and laying back home that meant dropping my internship with Make a Difference which included a lot of to and fro work, that meant not going to the gym and that meant I should just end my life because my ligament had broken. I searched on the internet and it said that I should just sit straight and watch others live their life, mine had ended, already. But then I thought of people who get their organs replaced, who don’t have their foot & run, and who don’t have hands but swim, those who have paralyzed bodies but are athletes.

I never gave up on anything, I completed my one-year internship with Make a Difference, thanks to my team who made sure that I don’t have to pick up weights which are too heavy. I continued my gym, I studied about exercises which would help me and the which would harm my back, I took help of my personal trainer to plan my workout sessions. I changed the way of doing a lot of exercises making sure that I don’t get that dreadful pain back. I took all the due care but then also I back used to break down every now and then but I used to start again with minimal exercises, and then up to the major ones.

That very year, I started traveling all alone picking up my bag pack all by myself. I went to various places for internships and vacations. Two years down the lane, I went to Leh, Ladakh and trekked every mountain I could, walked down the narrow steep lanes. My mom was a bit afraid to send me, but, she knew that she couldn’t hold me for she had always wanted me to be a free bird and she didn’t want to be the one who would cut my wings just because I had a broken ligament. Instead, she made me do things which could help me improve; she made my gym exercises my weapon to fight the broken back.

That moment and days after that have been a lesson. The doctors were of the opinion that I should just do minor exercises never run and forget that there is something called weight training. I did something completely opposite & I am proud of it. It’s been three years and I exercise, I run and I even carry heavy luggage. So, everyone out there make sure that you don’t give up on life just because someone told you that you should or just because life threw a gugly on you. Because in the end, you need to hit the ball hard with your bat and score what you want to in your life. Just tell your heart and brain that dude, you ought to do this and you will. In the end, it is your will which makes you do everything.

If you have overcome something like this, do share your story in the comments below and motivate everyone else to achieve great things in their life. Also, do share this blog post by hitting the share button below if you agree with me and comment below if you don’t because I would love to hear your opinion.


Cape from Rangoli, Sector-16, Panchkula

Jeggings- Zara

Spaghetti- Jockey

Footwears- Chief22



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