“No One was born as good or evil, it is the world that creates an Artist or Adolf.”

It’s been one year of dancing and I am not even close to perfectness because I have always moved my butt to make sure that I am happy and at peace. But, I cannot stop being an observer even when I am making sure that I collect more and more of positive energy. Now, there are these three women who rule the first line or rather all the places from where you can see yourself in the mirror and I don’t know if they are close to good dancing, but yes, they have achieved the privilege of being perfect at the skill of kicking people out of their spaces. For six months, I thought that I am over thinking on this issue, but then I observed how they kick people out.

One fine day, a girl collected the courage to stand at the three women acquired space (Another important thing is that even if they are late and someone stands at their place they will ruthlessly stand in front of the person, not stand, they will just stick. Well! Their school teacher never taught them the one-arm distance rule) and right after five minutes, this woman with high doses of stubbornness stood in front of this highly courageous woman and then What? The highly courageous women just left the place and stood at the end. And one of the three stubborn women won and she was so happy. In my head, I thought that I was here to be happy and not to fight space or place wars because I am going to draft ample petitions in the future wherein I am going to fight about space, my only aim of dancing was and is to make sure that I gain tons and tons of positive energy.

The instances are many just fifteen minutes before I started writing this blog post another young courageous girl lost the battle from this girl who ended up kicking her politely. Yes, I am using the word politely because at the end of this happy clingy fight she said sorry. I was in dismay the unethical women had to say sorry, but in the end the aim of her life is to get that space and she was able to get it. I will tell you how? There is a step wherein we have to move three steps right and then three steps left and this stubborn woman at the end of the step stood towards the extreme left taking away the whole space. Once more and finally, winning the game of space and space. She is a true warrior in every sense. Isn’t it?

Not only this, one of the three even took my space once. I went to drink water and she stood in my place. I didn’t give a damn and was laughing in my head, though I felt like kicking her. But my mom and my best friend had made me realize that very day that how angry young lady I was and therefore, I gave up the thought of kicking this stubborn woman or else my mom would have said, “Look you fought another war and this time though you spared your best friend but you messed up with someone’s else’s best friend.”

And not to forget these three-floor space fighters keep taunting the dance teacher too, like Why is he always repeating the steps? (Women, not all are good at dancing to pick up all steps at once, he needs to take steps from the basic level to the top. There are people who are of about fifty years of age and are dancing and he respects them and doesn’t want to throw them off, making them realize that there are done with dancing because of their numerically high age.) Another very random taunt is Why does he play that song? or What is this step? (Women, if every step needs to have a meaning, then the life of a dance teacher isn’t going to be easy. It’s not an English lesson class that every word ought to have a meaning) and believe me when the dance teacher doesn’t show up the three stubborn women dance, but they end up repeating the steps and then I feel like asking them- Why the bloody hell you taunt the man who makes us dance and makes sure that he pumps in tons of positive energy in each one of us.

Because these stubborn women have started space wars on the dance floor. All other people are so attached to their spaces. It is not that they were like this, it is because of these three stubborn rather dumb women that the dance class has become a sad space full of negative vibes. Many have left the class and many don’t want to join because things are visible.

Aren’t we accountable for our behavior? Isn’t this bullying because today, I could feel how heartbroken the young girl was?

Basically, no one is born bad it is the people who make us like that.

Also, let us promise to each other that we will be good at our behavior, making the world a peaceful place.

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