Like we should not judge a book by its cover, never judge a human by their colour

In the Indian society, beauty has, is and maybe will always be associated with color. The whitish the color, the better and the darker, the worse. Yes, I myself was of this opinion and it took me years to change it because, from my childhood, I have seen people calculating beauty by colour. I can say this with confidence because as a kid when I was into sports, I was mostly tanned and the compliments like “You’re beautiful” or “good looking” were something that I never got to hear, but as I grew up and as my tanning vanished, these comments became as common as they could be . Also, considerably when I would often hear people praising my brother for how handsome he was because he is whitish in color though I am of this strong opinion that every kid looks like a potato and they are pretty ion their own little ways.

When I grew up, my opinion changed considerably whenI had friends who were brown and white. Their colour never decided for them that whether they were good at heart or not, instead I always found that the white ones had more attitude because they considered themselves to be more magnificent and gorgeous. Then, I started looking into the eyes of the people, which sometimes are so deep, the shape of the nose which is so sharp and dazzling, the cut and shape of the face which makes a person looks so different and pleasing. Also, I noticed the inner charm of the people, it was never the colour which decided that. Inner beauty is a mesmerizing concept and one gets to know about it when you get to know a person fully, when you see them handling life in the most magnificent ways. The quote ‘we should not judge a book from its cover’ applies to humans too, we should not judge humans by their colour.
I am Brown, neither white nor dark, like a nude shade of some makeup brand. Though, my skin has gone entirely sensitive by the time I visited Ladakh. So, I need to apply tons of sunscreen and keep myself covered to save myself from the damaging heat. But, I love the colour of my skin, though some people do come to me and say that if I had have been whitish, things would have been great. I am like, my brother is so white and I call him a white rat and thank god I am not that white or else I would have lost the opportunity of calling him a white rat.

I and my mom share the same skin tone and I would have been equally delighted if we shared the same skin type because hers is so damn soft and mine is harsh. Nevertheless, her colour has gone dark and it’s been from the past four to five years that we couldn’t understand why she was getting darker. The doctors ignored it like it was as normal as it could be but one of the doctors recognized the problem that there was something wrong with her liver. And, that’s the reason her skin was getting dark.

Now, there are ample people who catch my mom and ask if I and my brother are her kids. And, the reason behind disassociating her kids from her is because if she is dark how can she have such white or ‘light shade of Brown’ kids? Freaking confusing, that’s what people think. There a lot of people who I don’t know why they forget to praise about her soft hair, her loud and authoritative voice, her friendliness, her intelligence, her perspective about life, her stamina at the gym and her clean & freshly home of which she is the owner, her kids not for their colour but for who they are because it is she who has made them, a lawyer and an engineer. Why can’t they praise her for the way she has been able to survive without seeing her son for years, praise her for the way she makes sure that we all are fine, praise her for what she wears and the way she carries herself, praise for her inner beauty, praise her because she is fighting a war to make sure that she is able to accept herself even though she can see her colour in her daughter every day. Don’t question her instead of helping her by accepting her, make her feel beautiful. Something which she is inside, out, and has constantly been. Like every mother, every woman is.

So, on this mother’s day, I hereby accept that I have been blessed with the best mother. If I ever become anything, it would be because she trusted me and for me, she is the most beautiful and stunning lady on the face of this earth.

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Edited By Sahil Takshak.


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  1. CRAZY PHOTON says:

    Superb piece of writing…Highly opinionated…I hope you don’t mind if I share it on FB….???


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thank you. I will be really obliged if you do so.


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