Pondicherry- a place to slay and Club Mahindra resort- a place to feel

Who doesn’t love to sit next to the beach and just feel the soothing wind, listen to the musical waves and play with the sand or read books? Something, we all dream of and something that we call a vacation. Sometimes, we are done with moving around in a city and we just love to sit down in a new place and just breathe in some pollution free air. If you are looking forward a silent and a place where you find very fewer people, you should plan a trip to Pondicherry and yes, do take me along if you can. I will be thankful to you for life.

For the last three years, I have been moving up and down, right and left on my every internship cum vacation, by the end of every trip, I am so tired and preferably ill that I go into hibernation and just don’t get up because that one month of sleep needs to be taken in by just slaying whole day for almost a month together. But my trip was something different; I was back to my city with a bang, all fresh and ready to work not too sly because all the laziness was with me when I was in Pondicherry.

Places that you should visit in Pondicherry

Paradise Beach

Sri Aurobindo Ashram- A peaceful place and a [lace from where you can buy ample gifts for yourself and all others whom you have left behind. You can buy perfumed candles, sticks and what not.

Market- Who doesn’t love shopping and the evening market is just perfect. Girls, you should never forget to go there as you will find the sexiest dresses at the cheapest rates.

Streets of Pondicherry & French Memorial

Club Mahindra Resort, Pondicherry

The things I loved about the resort and which you should not give a miss:-

Ambiance and the greenery- Yes, the place has a very cool ambiance as the lobby is just a few miles apart from the beach which extends to an open bar, cool enough to let you enjoy the sprawling gardens and the unending sea. The dining area is not less, it is like you are in a jungle as you can feel the coolness of the 21st century while enjoying the forests of ancient times. In the afternoon when everything is pretty hot, this a cool place to hang out.

The beach– The resort has a private beach and this is the reason that it is pretty clean. The best thing one can do is to enjoy the beautiful sunset and the sunrise. Obviously, playing and swimming in the salty sea water should never be given a miss.


Hammocks- The hammocks are there in various gardens go and just sleep or just see how blue the sky is or can be.

Walking around- In the afternoon, I used to be on my toes with my camera, making sure to have pictures of every corner of the resort and that made me realize that the place his huge and amazing at the same time.

The silence and fewer humans- I get done with my life in the city like Chandigarh because of the everyday noise, pollution, and the people. I love them, but I get bored of them. Yes, they are two different things. This place made me enjoy every bit of it because  I could feel the silence.

Things which I didn’t like about the Resort:-

Service in the Dining room- Did you say you are hungry? Oh! I am sorry because they won’t give a damn about it. The pizza that you ordered an hour ago which you have imagined million times in your head will get delivered after two hours and then you will eat it like crazy. They are too bad at their service.

High Price of food- They charge you for everything. Thankfully, they don’t charge for the number of times you pooped or used the washroom. They charge so heavily that you feel sorry for you, ordered that thing. I ate the chat for 100 bucks and the golgappas for 100 too, which were as worst as nothing in the resort was off course can be equated to their service at the dining hall.

High Taxi Price- Never ever ask them to book a cab for you, you will feel that they are good because their smiling faces make you feel so but don’t get fooled. They will charge you 500 bucks for what a normal cab driver would charge 200 bucks. Basically, they don’t leave any stone unturned to loot your pockets for they are not at all a staunch follower of the phrase that, “Mehaman Bhagwan hote hai” (Guests are god) instead they are of this opinion that guests are an opportunity to make money, make as much as you can because ye mauka fir kha milega.


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