12 Do’s and Dont’s for girls if they want to be the happiest person

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12 Do’s and Dont’s for girls if they want to be the happiest person

I have some points which can make your lives heaven, girls, please have a look instead of living a life in hell, let’s make it easy by following all these things. LOL.

Instead of making and writing the Constitution of India, the framers of the constitution should have thought of writing a Manual as a Do & Don’t manual for girls. Yes, only for girls because boys have the authority to do everything, our patriarchal society gives them the power. I can prove my point and if you are a girl, you must have felt this or heard one of these at least once.There are tons of people on the face of this earth who are of this opinion that there are certain particular things which girls should or should not do.

Cook because you are a girlYou are a girl, you should know how to cook. Because, Arey, shadi k bad patti ko kya banake khilaoge and the best one, Patti ke dil ka rasta stomach se hoke jata hai- Oh fuck! How did this happen? He needs to be taken to a cardiologist and a neurologist too, because, pati k stomach ki nerves have taken a wrong turn. He needs to be treated, probably.

You cannot sit with your legs open– Nahiiii, ye nai ho sakta because only guys can do that. Girls should close their legs by sticking gums on their thighs or probably they should only wear sacks. Yes, and then no one would feel like raping the girl. What an idea sir Ji, maybe this puts an end to all the rapes which take place.

You should not shout, speak slowly and sweetly- I don’t get this one. Because only men have this fundamental right of speaking loudly and the girls they just have a fundamental duty recognized by our patriarchal society that is to speak as if she is singing a song by Atif Aslam, you ought to be sweeter than the sugar even though the person may get stuck because when you put excessive sugar the utensil tends to stick.

A girl should not abuse Boys should and girl should not. Now, don’t ask me, Why? Because guys have the right of being authoritative and also, making others feel bad and frustrated. Things would have been great if people would say- No one should abuse.

Walk slowly and swiftly- No, you can’t be fast, you ought to be slow provided there is no emergency. But, if there is and then you are slow then you will be counted as stupid. You need to walk as if you are walking a ramp because you are the Barbie doll of the house and everyone loves to watch the Barbie dolls lazy walk.

Whenever you step out, you need to look like a sparkling jelly- No, you don’t have any right to wear Pajamas instead, you ought to wear your makeup and look good. And, no loose clothes please, are you wearing that T-shirt of your brother? Oh fuck, remove that shit off. Don’t you know you are a girl? Oh! I forgot my periods came three weeks back and once they are gone the feeling of being a girl goes away with them.

A girl should not smoke cigarettes, take drugs and have alcohol– Tum bacho ki mai kaise banogi, because, in the end, the only aim of a girls life is to have kids. You won’t be able to conceive as the sperm tends to get confused for the way he should take when there is so much smoke in the body. I am right, Now, I think I should have been a doctor instead of being a lawyer, would have been a good researcher.

A girl should not be ambitious when it comes to her career because the only thing she should be ambitious for is to have a husband, home and a baby– Pretty much!

A girl should not pick up weights at the gym because she ought to be lean and not strong. 

She should not wear short skirts, she should be covered Chotte kapde! She ain’t a virgin. I have heard this with my own ears and I couldn’t link these two concepts at all.

She should not live independently- Independent girls living all alone are taken as someone who can sleep with anyone. Yes, they are just because they chose not to have a permanent man in their lives, the society assumes that they like to have temporary men, even if they love to then that shouldn’t be your problem at all. Everyone has a right and brain to choose the life they want to live.

She should not argue, the only thing she should know is to say yes and no –What I will do when I visit the court, I will tell the judge, I am a girl and I am not supposed to argue.  

Do what you feel like. Make sure you have certain rules in your life and you stick by them. Certain rules because having them is important so that your life is not a mess but they should be your rules and not of the society.  If you think, you should not abuse, don’t. If you feel that you should cook, cook. But, don’t do something because someone things that you should and should not do a thing because you are a girl. Let’s break these barriers, let’s join our hands and live a life of equality. Let’s break the mirage that girls are weak, No we ain’t.

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  1. Manpreet Maan says:

    Haha…great…nerves have taken the wrong turn in the stomach and body full of smoke, et cetera, few of my favourite lines…opinions, perceptions and feelings are changing gradually, if not swiftly…but better late than never…every blog counts…chillax..


    1. Naiyyas says:

      I agree with you Manpreet, the opinions are changing just trying to give some reasons to change them if people are not willing to. Thanks for taking out time to write down about the blog post. Thanks a ton ✌✌👍👍


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