Be P for Professional in D for Delhi

The concoction of industrial fumes, odour of defecation and the vehicular pollution is what Delhi mornings can be defined as, precisely. I felt like jogging, but I gave up this idea on the very first morning due to non-availability of fresh air and lack of morning aroma of nature, euphonious voice of birds which is instead replaced by churning of machines, honking of a million cars, chugging of metro and a stench which remains in the city throughout.

The roommates in Delhi are all the more heartless and if they are a hardcore Delhite, they would rule the washroom. I have done six internships till now and never have I come across such people. The Delhite girl who acclaimed herself to be a Kathak dancer would enter the washroom and would return back only after an hour or two. I would often think if she is practicing Kathak or if she has slept of because the extra  dosage of beer last night. As,  I just take ten minutes because in my opinion bathing is nothing less than standing in your filth and there is no fun spending such long hours unless you are not blessed with a Jacuzzi, who provides the same to paying guests. When she would be out, I would feel like smashing her, but then I would rather rush and do all the chores quickly.

On the other hand, the landlords are no less, they have their own secret ways to earn money like putting the oldest air conditioner of the house in the room that they have to rent. When I used to switch it on, I used to feel as if I have ignited a truck engine. But, I had put it to a good use, I would switch it on in the morning when the girl in the opposite room would put up songs that would consist of singers from Bihar to Coldpay (Indians, tend to love their native language and the International rock bands, therefore, they come out to be the most inconsistent DJ’s ever) to cover the volume of those songs played at those ungodly hours. But, later on, I had to pay for it quite heavily, the bill turned out to be in thousands for just ten days. The old lady, besides charging a hefty amount for the little space had put a submeter which was attached to the air conditioner that would blink at a great speed. Basically, warning you to turn off the old retired air conditioner because the poor submeter knew that his blinks were going to turn into a big fat electricity bill.

Another very obnoxious and highly indigestible thing about  the landlady was the love that she showered upon her paying guests, the volume of love was more than what she would have showered upon her own kids. I am of this opinion that too much of anything is always wrong, there is always some personal interest of the other party herein the voluminous love was for the reason that she wanted that none of her paying guests should leave the space. Her love was so deep that she would often peep in everyone’s room after every fifteen minutes. I used to feel like telling her that if she loves her room so much, why have you rented them? But, I ended up ignoring her to every bit. So, basically, they are those people who would pretend to be your well wishers and care takers, but actually you can make out that they are two faced people and you feel like smashing their face.

Finally, after these cold wars because all this used to run in my head and actually I never said a word to the odd things that happened.  I would run towards the metro and then, metro, is an altogether different affair. I would often get into wrong metros ending up reaching wrong destinations, but I had started enjoying this wrong hop on and off. There were times I would stand in the middle of Mandi house metro station thinking, “Why is everyone running, some towards Noida and others towards Dwarka?” Like swarms of bees people would run not only in the morning, probably in the fear of their bosses cutting down their salaries for reaching late but also in the evening. The rush in the evening still leaves me in confusion.

The only thing which I loved about Delhi is the courts of law, the number of female lawyers and the unbothered male lawyers. Another thing which I loved the most and even miss today is my office and my immediate boss. The best part there was I had tons of friends to hang out. The Managing Director was the most organized and well behaved lawyers. Besides, the way he read the drafting and made sure that the one who had drafted it knew their mistakes was commendable.

Delhi was full of learning’s but I couldn’t bear it for more than five weeks. My patience ended, the day my roommate landed. It ended the day, I saw how my landlady was looting me for the bills which weren’t mine. It broke me when I could make out that most of them were two faced while actually they were high end professionals. Well! For an emotional Ioin like me it was difficult to adjust with the so called too practical people of Delhi. But, yes, they taught me one thing for life that is being professional.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanuj Agrawal says:

    These parts of Life doesn’t teach u adjustments rather how to live


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yes, it taught me that it’s better to get down at the level of the people and shove them off even if your inner part of the soul disallows you to do the same. In the end, you got to survive!


  2. gursimranpal says:

    hey,am from amritsar and i also visited delhi for a week because my sister got placed in noida so just to settle her down i and my mom went to delhi . and it was so weird that as we were new there but still no one from the apartments on the same floor came to atleast ask about us and here in punjab whenever anyone new comes to the colony many people come to meet and some even bring food for their new neighbours. you know i seriously told my sister that day that if a person just wants money in their life then delhi is the place for them but if a person wants calm and peaceful life then chandigarh is the place because in delhi i dont know why but nobody is just not interested to talking to someone else

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naiyyas says:

      We get to learn from this also that is we should not poke our nose in others business. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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