Cause we need to follow a Babaji to live a peaceful life

That’s me, acting as a Babaji in Kargil.

My Granny and the place where the whole family resides is a gift of God. For every Indian kid granny’s place is a permanent holiday spot in vacations and there are some very solid reasons for the same. They are: – a.) good homemade food b.)  Every day, one packet of Kurkure or Lays Masala chips c.) endless sleep. Being a kid who was born in 90’s, I don’t think, I can admire anything else except food, sleep and blue magic masala lays.

My granny’s place is in a small town in Punjab, just next to Bhatinda where the famous Indian movie ‘Jab We Met’ was shot.  The best thing about this small town is that people herein are extremely religious and god fearing. Now, every person in the town follows one or the other Babaji.  They consider it necessary for attaining peace and following the path of God. I remember ones, I accompanied my aunt to a footwear shop wherein the shopkeeper inquired that which Babaji was my aunt following? My aunt told him the name and the best things about her Babaji, the shopkeeper then told us about his Babaji and also praised our family for being a stringent follower of the Babaji as he was of this opinion that it was the most important thing in every human’s life is to have a Babaji. On my way back home, I thought a lot that was my life a waste of time as I am not following any Babaji, yet? I am so hopeless that I have neglected to stick to my mother’s instruction, forget about following a Babaji.

The masses of this small town are highly religious, you will determine that the temples outnumber the houses. Every nook of the street has one temple and every synagogue has its own popularity. The people are so religious and the Pundits are so well read that they possess certain miraculous powers which even Scientists have not been able to attain, one of them is that of predicting earthquakes. The Pundits in the town can predict earthquakes at least two to four hours before it is going to hit the place. Though, the predictions have never turned out to be true.

I remember when I was a kid, one Sunday morning at 2’o clock, the landline telephone rang, it was considered to be a matter of worry if the phone rang at such wicked hours because unlike today, people weren’t owls to stay awake at ungodly hours and call up other people to enquire if the other one was also up. It was my grandfather on the line, he said, “The Pundit of their street has predicted that there is going to be an earthquake soon like that of in Gujarat.” My dad being a hardcore engineer told him that if earthquakes could be predicted then thousands of people wouldn’t have been killed in Bhuj, Gujarat and instead advised my grandfather to sleep under the blanket as it was chilling cold. The backstory was that just a few days before on 26th January 2001, there was an earthquake in Bhuj, Gujarat, which lasted for as long as two minutes and killed thousands of people.

The very amusing part is that one’s the prediction is made, the whole town is out with their blankets if it is winter and with their hand fans if it is summers. The whole town would be chanting the name of their gods, Babajis, and Pundits while waiting for the earthquake to hit the little town. They would also give this secret information to their near and dear ones.  Sadly or rather thankfully, none of the prediction of the corner Pundit has ever come true, but the religious chaps are of this opinion that because the hundreds of them chanted the name of God and woke him up in the heaven to save them was the only reason that the earthquake did not hit the place. I think they should stop disturbing god at those wicked hours and for non-sensible predictions or else one fine day, God would hit the ground and there will be a terrible earthquake.

My question is do we really need to follow a Babaji or do we really need to believe in such predictions which we know that isn’t true?

In my opinion, we should set our own rules like working for the good of other human beings, helping the ones who need our help and whom we can help, and various other things which would make our inner soul happy. There are a lot of things that we do wrong like I know that I should not fight with my mom over little issues, but I end up doing that, but then I realize afterward and try to make up for the same. What’s the use of chanting god’s name if every evening you end up abusing or talking bad about people? What is the use of following a Babaji if you are hurting people who surround you? I think we all should instead of being good to the Babaji and Pundits be good around to the people who surround us. My interrogation is, What is the fun of following a Babaji when it is leading us away from inner happiness and serenity. Stick to a Baba only if you are sure, you are not blindfolded by his spiritual beliefs which you in your heart know that is not right. Rather, let’s meditate, let’s be happy by dancing and try taking out those positive vibes within us.

My point is that the Babaji and Pundits tell us those things which we either already know, but we neglect to enforce those things in our daily lives or the things which are really false and unacceptable but we live with them for the sake of our Babaji.

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  1. gursimranpal says:

    your repeated use of “my point is that” proves a lawyer has written it. no offence please


  2. CRAZY PHOTON says:

    Read Bhagat Singh’s pamphlet entitled_”Why I am an Atheist”…This will enthral the rationalist in you..


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