You are a girl, how can you have a moustache? Oh! No, you are a guy and you have breasts? 

It’s so easy to point out the things which are wrong in the other person but sometimes it’s harsh. The beauty of words is that if they are sweet, they can hold a person together and if they are rude, it can tear a person apart.  I always say that you don’t know the story of the other person and therefore, you have no authority to comment on that person. Because if you can’t help a human with fighting a battle called life. You have no right to make things difficult for the people who are waging a war, every day with themselves and against the inhuman people to accept the flaws which are different from people of their age or gender. 

We are in the twenty-first century and as the race of humans has evolved, the problems or diseases which cling to us humans have changed.  The use of pesticides and fertilizers may have killed the insects which used to destroy the crops, but they have to a great extent have destroyed the human bodies too, which have led to coming up of diseases like that of cancer, brain tumor and what not. These are the killer diseases, right? Since there are killer diseases people are empathetic towards the ones who suffer from such deadly diseases while they make fun of some diseases which are not deadly but they kill the happiness and peace of the person.

You must have seen women who have hair on their face and men who have heavy breasts. What do most of the people do when they see such humans? Oh! Yes, they make fun of them, but I must tell you that when you do so, commit a crime because you in a way shattered the confidence of that human being. These problems are there because of something called ‘Hormonal Imbalance’ and the definition of it is,

 hormonal imbalance is a malfunction of one or more hormones in the body. Each hormone has a different effect on the body, and all hormonal imbalances are different. A hormonal imbalance may be asymptomatic, or inconsequential. ”  The person suffering from hormonal imbalance can only take certain precautions like that of proper medication, balanced diet and cutting on certain food products which boost hormonal imbalance. They can’t do anything, still, people make fun of them even though they are completely helpless.

Yes, I have hair on my chin and it struck me a long time to take it. The day I got to know that I have unwanted hair, I cried, visited a ton of doctors and refused to move out of my room, but then I had my man who sat down I told me that it’s like a normal disease and you need to fight it. I am thankful that it was easy for me to accept the unwanted hair on my body because my parents stood with me, not making fun of me, but telling me that it’s ok and I have the power to fight it off.

But one fine day, I realized that there are certain people who are suffering from hormonal imbalance and are not able to accept themselves. Two sound reasons are that they are often haunted by the question Why me?  And also, because people make fun of them.

One day while walking down the road, I saw a group of boys making fun of the other who had breasts. They were throwing his bag and various things down so that when he bends, they could see his cleavage and make fun of him. Not only this, there have been ample times when people have come and pulled my facial hair and asked if they could help in shaving my hair off.

Well! If you suffer from hormonal imbalance or any disease, I have a message for you.

“Never hate yourself for the things which you can’t change the things which are not in your hands. Instead, love yourself, turn around and tell the people who make fun of you that it can happen to them too and it is a disease. And, if they don’t stop, make sure you don’t let yourself down, make sure you don’t stop loving yourself, make sure that you stand up beside yourself because self-acceptance is the best way to lead a peaceful life.”


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