About the author

Hey! I am from Chandigarh, a city in India. I am currently pursuing Law. I enjoy writing, listening songs, photography, moving around, talking, silence, night, stars, dreaming, winters, cool winds, coffee, tea, my family and my blog in no particular order.

If I am not drafting a plaint then probably I am busy thinking about my next opinionated blog post. I write stories about anything and everything, the things I observe and the activities in which I get to indulge.

I started my blog in December, 2013“The Era of My Dreams” and it was a shift from writing my dairy to this blog. The only achievement in my life is that  I was blocked by Justice Katju for contempt of his Facebook page and I have happily no regrets about that.

You can give your feedback at naiyyas@gmail.com or you can see me on twitter @naiyyas
See you around 

38 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Naiyya ! I got several friends in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Amritsar …these Punjabis guys n gals speak urdu in such a way that i can listen them even if they are admiring Narendra Modi, its really surprising to see their love for Urdu.
    Well, its good to know about you, and you inspired me to write a post “ABOUT ME”, i would like u to read that about me(will post soon) too, and leave ur honest comment there.


  2. Hi Nikita, I like the way you have mentioned about yourself in this segment. This is very honest, simple and yet effective way of writing. ‘About Me’ segment is all about what we like/dislike, what kind of person are we & our mantra of life. And you mentioned about your hobbies, your likes, your passion in very simple and natural way. Very good. I also left a comment yesterday in one of your blog post “Lear to say ‘No’

    I have also started writing few months back. Through my Blog, my focus is to share my experiences with others that can help others to plan the things in a better way. I believe – Life is too short to learn and find everything by own so let’s try to make the world so informative that one should spend time in finding new innovation.

    I strongly feel that you are managing a good resource and I want to introduce you to my blog visitors. For this I have added you in my follow list. Also, If you feel that my blog can be a good resource for you and your visitors, please add me in your follow list. I would love to hear from you, in case if you know about some other resources that can help me in my mission.

    My Blog: http://metimediary.blogspot.com


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